Adele Sophia

(NPC) Art Curator and Lamia


Tall, athletic, gorgeous. Adele dresses sharply in sexy business suits that accentuate everything just so while still making it look like she’s about to conduct a business meeting. Long, auburn hair, wicked smile, and a hungry look in her eye complete the look.


Adele Sophia was a Lamia that had been living in Vegas for a very long time. Once a year, she would satiate her hunger by hunting down some deserving vital young man. His body would be left drained of blood with the heart gone. Usually in the past she was able to dispose of the body and leave no trace of her involvement in the crime.

Recently, though, something was increasing her hunger and making her more reckless. Over the course of the month, she was steadily killing more and more, and increasingly indiscriminately. By the time the Hunters caught up to her, she had killed seven young men.

Once learning some of her story, rather than kill her, they offered her a deal. After all, she warned them of the coming of a Demon Prince. She’d get out of town and they wouldn’t murderize her. She countered that they had to provide someone for her to feed on first, otherwise someone on the plane out of town was going to die. Allen came up with the idea of contacting a ‘Right to Die’ euthanasia activist and found a young man on his death bed. Adele agreed.

She left town for parts unknown and left her car to Hank.

Adele Sophia

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